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If you're looking for a fresh way to watch the episodes of the first two seasons, try them in order of production, rather than the order aired:


Production # Episode Title Air #

8501 The Black Eye 8
8502 The Antique 6
8503 Leroy B. Simpson 7
8504 Dinner for Mom 1
8505 The Friend 3
8506 Love Thy Neighbor 19
8507 The Date 26
8508 Love a Duck 13
8509 The Musical 21
8510 The Librarian 9
8511 The Uniform 2
8512 Let Them Out of the Nest 14
8513 The Matchmakers 4
8515 The Camping Trip 10
8516 The Songwriter 5
8517 Buck's Girl 12
8518 The Tiger 25
8520 The Job 11
8528 The Buddy 16
8529 The Five Dollar Bill 27
8530 The Tournament 18
8531 The Clock 15
8533 The Con Man 20
8535 The Fly Boy 17
8537 The Baby Sitter 22
8539 The Gift 24
8540 The Still 23
8541 The Relatives 28

Production # Episode Title Air #

0401 Doris Gets a Job 1
0402 The Woman Hater 4
0403 Doris Strikes Out 8
0404 A Frog Called Harold 2
0405 The Chocolate Bar War 5
0406 Buck's Portrait 19
0407 Togetherness 10
0408 You're Only as Old as You Feel 12
0409 Doris Versus the Computer 14
0410 Married for a Day 3
0411 The Health King 6
0412 The Gas Station 17
0413 Singles Only 9
0414 The Prizefighter and the Lady 13
0415 Doris, The Model 7
0416 A Two Family Christmas 11
0417 Hot Dogs 15
0418 Doris Hires a Millionaire (Part One) 20
0419 Today's World Catches the Measles 16
0420 Kidnapped 18
0421 A Woman's Intuition 22
0422 Doris Meets a Prince 23
0423 The Duke Returns 24
0424 Doris Hires a Millionaire (Part Two) 21
0425 Colonel Fairburn Takes Over 26
0426 The Office Troubleshooter 25

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Doris Day Moment

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I made my Family watch The Doris Day Show christmas epiosode after Thanksgiving day dinner. They were watching football and a U2 concert on DVD. My Brother who remembered Doris from her Young At Heart short hair days said after seeing Rose Marie, "Who is that girl with Rose Marie"? I said, that girl is Doris!!! Everyone agreed how attractive and in good shape Doris looked and even more attractive with the long hair fall. After watching the show they then went back to the U2 concert. I was quite content that they appericated the Lovely lady that we all here know she is.

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I danced with Doris!
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Like it or not Doris's funky hairstyles and wardrobe on the second season are very much Today! She was ahead of her time and a trendsetter.

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Season 2 at last

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Just got Season 2 - watched the extras and very nice cast interviews and several episodes - The Fashion Show, The Frog one and the Fitness Instructor One - (oh and the doggie one)! I love it. They are really funny and stand up so well. Doris looks fab and her clothes are great.

I wouldn't have recognised Rose Marie but she comes across as a really fun and real person.

Imagine her turning down invitations to visit Doris in Carmel! What an offer! She said Doris says to her "when are you coming up to Carmel, I have your room waiting - we can have dinner and catch up and have fun"
- boy what a treat!

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Re: The Doris Day Show Season Two

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ray wrote:Well folks its time to review and chat about The Doris Day Show Season Two! My set will be shipped tomorrow and should receive before or on October 1st. I ordered through Critic's Choice and a :D lso ordered a copy of the set for a friend which won't be shipped till October 25th from Amazon. i ordered though Amazon so this site could benefit. Remember this is the season that made The Doris Day Show a hit!
Hello my dear friends...I have just seen again the series..volume 1 episodes 1 to 5...wonderful..specially The women hater..wonderful perfomance...she deserves an OSCAR..

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