Two Recent Podcasts From Young People About Doris Day

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Two Recent Podcasts From Young People About Doris Day

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It's always interesting to hear the take of young people who are reviewing the work of Ms. Day from within the context of the cultural understandings they have (some people call these understandings political correctness).

Film Runners Podcast #008- November 2017 - looks at Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back. The interesting take away for me is how they see Rock Hudson as the "bad guy" and Ms. Day as the offended party - badly used and manipulated by men without any negative consequence to the men. ... -back-1961

Ticklish Business Podcast #68 - July 2019 - has each of the participants talking about their 3 favorite Doris Day movies. At the start of the podcast they talk about Ms. Day's "persona" and label her "subversive" to the 50's stereotype of the happy housewife. ... ay-movies/

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