Doris on Betty White show, 1971

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Doris on Betty White show, 1971

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Doris on The Pet Set with Betty White (1971). Have people seen this?

"Here's a rare glimpse of Betty's 1971 syndicated show, "The Pet Set." Allen Ludden produced this series in which celebrities would drop by with their pets. The show also featured discussions concerning pet care, ecology and wildlife preservation. This particular episode features Doris Day."

From: 8 Celebrities Who Brought Their Dogs To Interviews [VIDEOS] ... ews-videos
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Re: Doris on Betty White show, 1971

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Hi Bryan,

Thank you for sharing!!!

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Re: Doris on Betty White show, 1971

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Thank you so much Bryan for posting this 1971 interview with Betty White and Doris. It is so interesting to see and hear about Doris' dogs and how they came into her life. I loved Betty saying that Doris is know as "the dog catcher of Beverly Hills".

The last part of the interview when animal specialists spoke about the myths associated with the endangered California condors. In 1971 there were only 54 of these birds left in the world. Their wing span is so wide that they can fly over a mile without having to flap their wings. It was stated that these condors mate once every two years and produce one chick. They mate for life. They have distinctive white triangles underneath their wings. At one time there were thousands of California condors that inhabited British Columbia and California. They were decimated by hunters.

I checked to see what the population of the California condor is today and although it is still very low it is thankfully now over four hundred both in the wild and captivity.

I hope everyone on the DD forum will take a look. It is so worthwhile.

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Re: Doris on Betty White show, 1971

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This is very special because it shows Doris with her buddy Billy DeWolfe and her other good friend and fellow animal rights activist, Betty White. Nice to see her passion for animal causes in its early phase. Just think about what she has accomplished since 1971. Staggering.

Thanks for posting!
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