Interview with Roy Newquist

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Interview with Roy Newquist

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Hi all,

Around 1966 Doris is interviewed by Roy Newquist. This interview was lost... ... tsLwrucn9M
You have to wait 10 minutes after the Eli Wallach interview. The Doris part is amazing, but stops abrupt after 30+ minutes.

A short bio on Roy Newquist.



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Re: Interview with Roy Newquist

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Thanks a lot for posting this find! Mr. Newquist was a really good interviewer - Doris seems to just not being able to stop talking! Worth a listen!

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Re: Interview with Roy Newquist

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The thing I found most fascinating in Doris' part of this audio recording is where she said she didn't think of making movies as a career - just an interesting activity. Then she goes on to say that if that stopped tomorrow she wouldn't give it a moment's thought because she'd just find other interesting activities to do.

This is followed by some comments about her religious belief that God was the one who decided what interesting activities would come her way and that her role was to agree to do the "right" things.

This kind of mindset may give me a clue as to why she seemed to walk away from Hollywood (tv, movies, and music) and never publicly seemed concerned about it - as opposed to the "Sunset Boulevard" stereotype of actresses where the aging actress lives only to have that one final closeup.

It was also interesting to hear her glowing comments about Marty Melcher being her buffer - which allowed her to just "go in and read my lines" without having to "fight" constantly for herself. This type of relationship is likely one of the reasons why he was able to leave her at the edge of bankruptcy.

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Re: Interview with Roy Newquist

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I can't get this to play. Is there a trick to it?

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